A Guide To Buying Double Bed Sheets

The purchase of bed sheets is a large investment and should not be dismissed. You must know about the size bedding you require. Twin, twin xl, double, queen or king sheets to fit the bed you have got are also important items which have to be considered when purchasing bed sheets. Measuring the mattress to understand the height can allow you to decide on deep pockets or regular pockets for the fitted sheet. Color, texture, weave and thread count are the vital components in a bedding buy. These factors will make purchasing new bedding far more gratifying and leave you feeling accomplished at the end of the day. Measurement of the mattress height will avoid the frustration of getting the wrong fitted sheet which just does not fit the mattress. Use a standard measuring tape, place the end of the tape in the base of the mattress and step up to the top marking the elevation down on paper.

A standard set of bed sheets using a fitted bottom sheet will have a 12 to 14 inch pocket. The pocket size is normally not mentioned on the label unless it is a deep pocket sheet. A deep pocket sheet set will have a pocket size between 15 and 22 inches. Knowing the dimensions of the mattress will stop the incorrect purchase of sheets which do not match the mattress. Check the label for the pocket size and you will be much happier with your purchase. Another element in double bed sheets is the size of the bed. Each mattress maker has a standard that is used to produce the mattress. Sheets are made by the same standard. A fitted sheet for a twin is 39inch x 75inch, a complete is 54inch x 75inch, a queen is 60inch x 80inch, a king is 76inch x 80inch and a California king is 72inch x 84inch.

 After determining the size of the bed, finding the double bed sheets that are fantastic for you is the next large step. Thread count, weave, texture and color are the next things to consider when buying bed sheets. If you want soft, durable sheets which hold their color and keep their crisp look, purchase 100% cotton, single ply sheets. These double bed sheets will highlight the bedroom decor while adding style and flare to the bedding. Cotton is the most durable and single ply will be the softest sheet available. There are many different cotton sheets types to choose from when considering thread count: Egyptian, pima, supima, and organic. Each of them is made from high quality long fibers which are durable and soft and feel natural from the skin. Other sheet types that are not cotton are: artificial polyester, polyester mix , bamboo grass and silk. All these may be glossy and soft, wrinkle resistant and drape well but might not be as natural and soft as 100% cotton sheets.